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When Samantha Gash decided to run 3800km from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan to Mawsynram in Meghalaya, she knew she will be making friends on the way. The Run India project to raise funds for the education of underprivileged children in India found a voice of solidarity from us – EagleRider India, and the Outdoor Journal.

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When we joined Samantha on 5th September 2016, she was already ten days into her seventy six day run and had clocked in 550 Kms. Day after day through intense heat and weather conditions Samantha made a dash for the goal in sight. The ultimate goal of the ultra marathon had to be kept in sight – changing lives of the underprivileged children through the power of education. Even for an athelete of her stature, support is what keeps them going and that is what we decided to stand for. We had a special sportsman joining hands and boy were we excited to have him along for the ride, literally!

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Jonty Rhodes, South Africa’s cricket team’s jumping (and flying) jack rode a Harley Iron 883 from the stables of EagleRider India. At the crack of dawn, we started the ride. The 4 am sun welcomed us to a beautiful and eventful day as our team prepped for the ride. Two riders, our jeep with adequate supplies for the participants moved at the same pace to extend support to not just the cause but to Samantha Gash. We rode with Samantha for a good 43 Kms before we exited from Jaipur, back to our headquarters in Delhi.

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Samantha spoke of the association, “I am pretty stoked to have The Outdoor Journal, Jonty Rhodes and EagleRider India join us on this journey! The Outdoor Journal represents an authentic voice of the outdoors, so they are a perfect partner for us. EagleRider India represents a sense of adventure. And having Jonty with us is amazing!”

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The sun gleamed and reflected the surreal surroundings of the desert state. The journey that started at Amer fort and ended at the Chandwaji toll had an exchange of smiles and stories along the way. The day for Samantha, ended at about 748 Km and she shares on her Instagram handle “So I saw this sign towards the end of my run (A sign that said Delhi was 200 Km away) and thought to myself that I was getting closer to Delhi! Yesterday was a mixed bag of emotions and I wasn’t keeping too well. Today things went quite smoothly which made me realize that support can change things so quickly.”

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It was quite humbling to see so many great experiences in just one ride. Organzing the gear and the team, taking that early morning walk, enjoying the sunshine, taking some time out to rest and recover and sharing incredible stories of India with Samantha Gash and Jonty Rhodes. World Vision community also shared information about their cause, how they intend to reduce the barriers to educate children from menial income families. EagleRider India’s particpation reiterated the cause, the supporters and the fact that we do stand united for the betterment of the world. No matter where you are from, and where you ride to, it is the journey you tread that makes you substantial.

As Samar Singh Sodhi, CEO and founder of EagleRider India puts it, “Put your heart in any ride and the rest will follow!”

We supported this cause with all our heart and rode the distance. Samantha is 750 km in and going strong, support her for a passion that should be common to all of us. Click here.


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