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Haven’t we had enough of “Surgical Strikes” shouted out by the likes of “Arnabs” and “Barkhas”? Haven’t our politicians thumped their chests enough on National Television Trying to convince the nation that it was them who actually were in the line of fire at our borders?

A country bursting at the seams with a population of over 1.3 billion people raising the decibel levels to a frenzied pitch – Jai Hind! Jai Hind! This was a fortnight ago and more.

Arnab and Barkha continue to shout, on a different topic though. Our “able and brave” politicians now have their eyes on the 2017 elections. They do have a country to run after all. 1.3 billion are back to their daily routines. Jai Hind!

While the entire country turned into a Travelling Circus with a set of ring masters hogging all the limelight, bands playing their tunes. How many of us, 1.3 billion DESH BHAKTS actually thought of the brave uniformed men who fell at Uri? What did we actually do for them or the brothers who have taken their place? Men who stand their ground in the line of fire.

We all can’t become “Rambo”- Part 1 to 4, whatever scenario or country you prefer, taking on the enemy single handedly. Leave that to Stallone. He gets paid loads of money to do that. Just do your little bit. 1.3 billion little bits can add up to a humungous total.


Donate blood.
For a very noble cause. The simplest form of support. Nothing could be easier.
“Les clef d’or India” an international chain in the hospitality industry came up with a very novel idea.


On the 1st of October, Les clefs d’or India organised a blood donation camp managed by the Armed Forces Transfusion Centre. No fanfare, no chest thumping politicians, no TV coverage. Just by word of mouth and support of some social media platforms, bikers from all over Delhi gathered together to “RIDE FOR PRIDE”. To ride together and do our little bit.

Team EagleRider too did it’s little bit.

Crack of dawn, on Saturday the 1st of October, half the capital was still tucked snugly in their beds. Few enjoying the onset of the weekend, and the balance probably nursing a hangover from the night before. A group of bikers had gathered together at South Extension Market, warming their monster machines. They were all getting ready to ride for a cause, they were going to “Ride For Pride”.

After witnessing a few hair raising stunts by our superbike brothers, a short crisp speech was delivered by the Les Clef representative. Then a small but very proud group of riders took off on their mission. EagleRider too had a team taking part in this mission.

Flagged off from South Extn. market, riding in formation of twos, the bikers rode all the way to the Sheraton Hotel at Saket. Crossing the Amar Jawan Jyoti, at India Gate, on the way. Early morning walkers, cyclists, yoga enthusiasts and general public, all stopping dead in their tracks to witness this amazing spectacle.


We were greeted by representatives of the Armed Forces all very smartly dressed in their starched and shiny uniforms. The parking lot of the Sheraton looked like a carnival all dotted with tables and chairs, colourful umbrellas and lots of banners. A very inspiring speech was followed by a 2 minute silence held for the martyrs of Uri. Then all joined in proudly singing our National Anthem.

With the precision of what would match any combat army, forms were filled and in batches of 10’s the bikers were led to the blood donation bay. Reclined and relaxed everyone had their arms outstretched with IV needles taped to their arms and tubes running into plasma bags. Precious blood, being donated for a noble cause.


On completion, we were all served a sumptuous breakfast with copious cups of coffee and tall glasses of fresh juice. Nobody looked any weaker for sure. And the feeling of pride inside, that would have put “Rambo” to shame.


A brief time was spent making new friends. Bikers, Armed Forces and “Les clefs d’or India“ alike. Bidding farewell to all around, proud bikers one by one left the venue, chests all puffed up for sure. They had all done their little bit.

EagleRider had done it’s little bit.


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