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It was a sunny afternoon and a holiday. We had some unusual visitors at our store in Gurgaon sector 56 near the Double Tree Hilton hotel. They were but a little taller than the state of the art motorcycles at our store, but their piqued interest in knowing about the machines matched the likes of a seasoned rider.


Our generation now looks for novel and educative entertainment. Every playing opportunity should accompany a learning experience, at least that is what every parent would want. When we decided to hold the first in-store workshop on bikes by experts, we not only wanted an interested audience but also wanted a unique one.


A group of regular riders signed up their kids for this unique day out . They wanted to share the reason for their passion, the love for bikes and the road streching for miles. The love for the journey, rather than a destination. One would think that the little munchkins would have found it difficult to comprehend the depth of passion, but little did all of us know that they found their own ground.


We took the children around and educated them about the bikes and answered their series of questions. The children not only learnt the specifics of a bike but also learnt the science behind it. A ride around the town in the machine of their choice (with all the protection that was needed of course!) was followed by a sumptous lunch. The distribution of a goodie bag that would be reminiscent of their day at the store, ended the day at a perfect note.


An enthusiastic parent spoke about the experience at the EagleRider India showroom, “I am a rider and when I take off, my child always asks me why I love riding so much. Today, we connected at a different level. Now I am gearing up to take my child on a day ride to Agra with other parents I met here and my child couldn’t be more excited!”


Vijay Singh Rana, father of Shaurya reiterated his experience “This was informative as well as entertaining for my child. Every weekend we are at our wits end to take Shaurya out to a place that is fun and makes him learn something. This work shop was amazing as he got to do both and he made some new friends too.”

Manisha Handa, who handles the marketing for EagleRider India spoke about the idea behind such workshops, “This was just a test marketing initiative. We did not advertise this at all frankly but found so many takers. The parents were excited to get their kids to a unique initiative as this. With a great response as this, we intend to do this again.”

If you are interested to get your kids to a learning expereince that is also fun, hop on! Get in touch with us.


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