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A fresh pot of brew, birds chirping, the first rays of the sun hitting your face. That’s what mornings are about. It’s when you stretch and wonder what’s in store for today. Except this Sunday we knew exactly how our day was going to be. We had been preparing for The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) 2016 and it was finally here.


So try and visualize this. When we think bikers we think loud roaring machines, leather jackets, boots, tattoos, none associated with gentlemen, especially distinguished gentlemen. That is exactly what was so unique about this ride. The DGR had our bikers dressed in tuxes, 3 piece suits, ties, ‘mani’cured mustaches and bowties, looking all dapper and stylish. Now picture these distinguished looking men and women on big roaring machines.


We had some 20+ riders along with their pillions, all suited up meet pre-dawn at the EagleRider showroom. Besides the actual ride there was a real feel good factor, as we all knew this ride was for a good cause. We knew our contributions were part of a global effort and this was an event that was taking place in over 500 cities across the world. It added to our enthusiasm and excitement.


We rode off to the Four Points by Sheraton hotel where we caught up with over 300+ similarly dressed distinguished bikers and their machines. What a sight it was! We’re sure just like with the EagleRider India team there were people from all walks of life united by a common cause and their passion for riding. In our team we had architects, farmers, founders, MDs and CEOs of established organization, creative thinkers, mothers, children, and above all avid bikers. The DGR had them all.


The machines were an as eclectic mix as the people there, ranging from Lamrettas, Vespas to Harleys and Triumphs. Riding our favorite machines in formal attire was the first for the EagleRider India team but what an experience it was. The great convoy of 300+ bikers rode across Delhi from Gurgaon to end at the Crowne Plaza, Greater Noida with a sumptuous breakfast.


There were quirky awards that we wish we’d won like the ‘Most Distinguished Beard’ but we’re happy to share we did indeed bag one. Samar and Saguna from our team won the DGR’s ‘Most Distinguished Couple’ award.


The EagleRider India team rode back to the showroom in Gurgaon where we reminisced the ride and shared our personal reasons for being a part of it. No matter what the reason, what united us was the fact that we are a gang of passionate bikers who ride for one and only one reason – the love of it!


It’s been a great experience at the DGR and we wish to support many such causes in the future. Keep watching this space for more.


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  1. Indeep

    fabulous event and fabulous effort… It was great to be a part of the ride and that to for such a great cause…
    So encouraging to see the support including team EagleRider India who put such a fantastic, honest and large effort towards the cause…

    Must Continue it! Good luck for more!

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