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Bike enthusiasts crave for events that make room for their passion. While there are many renowned events the world over, India has only a handful that cater to the avid bikers.


Big Motorcycle Company, in association with EagleRider India organized for the first time in India, a bikers flea market in Gurgaon’s Bikers Café. Many-a-interested souls thronged the premises to witness the first ever bikers flea market and what it had to offer. The event was a success, being covered on a leading national daily as well.


It was an entertainment packed event that had a lot to offer to even the non bikers. The evening started with overwhelming number of registrations. Stand up comedian Vasu Primlani tickled everyone’s funny bone and the stunts by the bikers were enough for the adrenaline rush.

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The stunts performed by seasoned bikers got everyone geared up for the auction and the lucky draw. Among the auctioned items was a scale model of a BMW safety car, a Yamaha riding jacket and some really cool gear for riders. The flea market set up had riding suits, other gear and cool accessories by Trip Machine, which also had many takers. The Urban Gypsies belted out some classics that had the crowd grooving to their tunes and dancing in revelry.


From tickling their funny bone to igniting their adventurous spirit; from offering the best merchandise for avid riders at great prices to making them grove to the classic road trip live music, the event’s success was reflective from the happy faces of the guests. The event also marked the launch of an innovative menu of food and beverages by the café. The venue was apt to draw the crowd and offered them exactly what they wanted. “At this café, we stand for innovation and are dedicated to bikers and machine lovers”, worded a café representative.


A regular rider, Deepak Uniyal, shared his thoughts on the event “I came to know about this event through some friends and was very excited about it. I am glad it stood the test of my expectations and the reality that was presented was very well executed.”


Pankaj Sethi spoke about his recent trip to Madhya Pradesh on a bike and added, “Bikers thrive on communities. Such events not only make us feel special and exclusive, but also help us network. I met quite a lot of like minded souls looking for the next direction to ride to and got myself some really cool stuff.”


EagleRider India and Big Motorcycle’s founder Samar JS Sodhi, spoke about the challenges of organizing an event of such a scale and reeping the benefits. “When you hold an event of this scale which is targetted towards a niche, you don’t really look for profits. The idea was to connect bikers with each other, introduce them and give them access to state of the art gear and entertain them by showcasing likeminded passionate souls. A dedicated bikers flea market and swap meet has never been organized in India while it is a reguar in markets like Europe and USA. We wanted to introduce the concept and are overwhelmed by the love we have got with such participation from people.”


With one event under the belt, we are gearing up for more. Watch this space even while you are riding.


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