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It was years ago when we hopped on our bike for the first time and took a trip together. From then to now, we have come a long way. Hopping on the bike for the first time to having to do this for a living and making scores of passionate riders join us, is a great experience. While there are many people starting to ride the motorcycle and take the long road trips, it is not easy as one might think. To be prepared for a long road trip one must keep some points in mind which we have compiled for you.


1) The long and winding road – We started with short rides before we took a long one. These act as practice rides for taking the longer routes and enduring a six to seven hour ride. One might think that this period of time isn’t that long, but one would be wrong.


2) Comfort is the key – It is not just about getting used to the distance, it is also about the ride. Whatever bike you choose, you must feel comfortable in it. Some bikes may need a couple of modifications to customize them for your comfort. Get it done before you take the ride. Some common modifications include adjusting the seat, getting a different handle bar, better headlights for evening rides etc. Some people do not get windsheilds on the bike or have it removed to make it look cooler. Big mistake! Feeling the wind blow as you ride the highways may be the best feelings, but try that for 4-5 hours and you will know.

3) Be prepared for the weather –The old joke holds true, that on a motorcycle trip you will end up hot, cold and wet. Believe us you would not want to be any of the three for a long trip. Even if the forecast shows good weather, it is wise to be prepared. Well ventilated water proof gear help along with a change of clothes (if need be). Preparing yourself mentally for a little discomfort is necessary too in long rides.


4) Dress up for the ride – Always wear riding pants, ankle boots or safety shoes and obviously wear a full face helmet. Riding is not about looking good, but feeling good. You can easily purchase the motorcycle gear from our store and be well prepared for the long ride.


5) Pit stops are important – Generally people time their rests with stopping to fill up their tank with fuel. That is not always a good idea. Riding for long distances not only tires your body but also your mind. The last thing you would want is zone out on highways with heavy vehicles all around. Have a snack, strech your legs or simply stop to savour the life outside of your home.


6) Pack light–There is luggage specifically available for motorcycles (Top case and panniers) and investing in them is a good idea for a long ride. While the hotel stays we offer, give you all your basic amenities, we carry the medicine and other essentials for the trip. In case you decide to take off solo, opt for sachets, paper soaps, mosquito repellant tubes, and lighter t-shirts for the trip.

7) Stay hydrated and eat right – Weather can be as drastic and every weather demands one to stay hydrated. Invest in a water bottle specifically for the road trip. You can also carry energy drinks along with water and mix it up. Snacking in between also helps to retain your energy and helps you stay alert.

Before you embark on a journey that changes your life, be prepared for it to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. We hope these tips help. Happy riding!


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